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Catalog#: SRCD2
Year Released: 2012
Artist: The Tudor Choir
Director: Doug Fullington
Album: O splendor gloriae

O splendor gloriae: Sacred Music of Tudor England

  • TRACK LIST 1. Sheppard: Libera nos, salva nos I 2. Taverner: Dum transisset Sabbatum I 3. Taverner: Leroy Kyrie 4. Taverner: Quemadmodum 5. Taverner: O splendor gloriae 6. Tallis: O sacrum convivium 7. Tallis: O salutaris hostia 8. Tallis: Suscipe quaeso, Domine 9. Tallis: Loquebantur variis linguis 10. Byrd: Laudibus in sanctis 11. Byrd: Miserere mei 12. Byrd: Ave verum corpus 13. Byrd: Tribue, Domine 14. Sheppard: Libera nos, salva nos II ABOUT THE MUSIC This recording offers a survey of Latin-texted sacred music from 16th-century England by four of that country’s greatest composers. Each responded to the religious, political, and musical upheavals of the era in his own personal and artistic way. Together they created a large, varied, and unique repertory bearing a distinctly English sound.
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