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Year Released: 2012
Catalog #: CD1
Artist: The Byrd Ensemble (Markdavin Obenza, artistic director) & The Compline Choir (Jason Anderson, director)

Music by Peter Hallock

  • 1. Advent Calendar 6:18 2. Silent Departure 6:53 3. Passing Strange 8:07 4. Draw On, Sweet Night 4:17 Total Time: 25:34 This CD features the world-premiere recording of Peter Hallock's "Advent Calendar" sung by the Byrd Ensemble and excerpts from "Night Music" sung by The Compline Choir. "Advent Calendar" was commissioned by the Compass Rose Society, as a gift to honor our patron, Archbishop Rowan Williams. It was performed in Canterbury by the Canterbury Cathedral choir under the direction of Dr. David Flood for Dr. Williams and the Compass Rose Society on October 5th, 2012.
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